Course 1

Japanese Culture Basics | taught by Ian Moore

Course description

Nipponica Course 1 teaches Japanese cultural basics to professionals in order to avoid critical business errors with Japanese organizations. We take a fundamental approach with a focus on practical application so students are able to remember and apply more. How do you apply a culture course? The course focuses on core cultural concepts which provide a lens to perceive interactions with Japanese people. This lens allows students to more universally apply what they have learned in the real world. To exercise this skill, we present students with situations to analyze using the concepts in a series of quizzes.

Ian Moore
Ian Moore
Owner | Lead Course Developer

I am a half-Japanese American citizen who has spent part of childhood in Japan. I have a formal education in Japanese language, culture and business through my studies at Clemson University. By trade I am an engineer in the field of automotive manufacturing and production. Through my career and personal life I have had a passion for Japanese language and culture and continue to use and study it.